The Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

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Every man-made technology is a combination of advantages and disadvantages; yet the result lies on usage. It is a fact that mobile has become a part of our necessities. Mobile phone industry has grasped all the mankind by telling how much helpful this is for us. As it gives ease and minimizes the distance for contacting a person through audio and video call or texting.

Some of the advantages are as follows:

  • Keep-in-touch

  • It is a tool that keeps you in touch with your mates, colleagues, and family by eliminating distances. In emergency situations it gives you immediate help.

  • Entertainment tool

  • It lessens boredom of people by providing them music facility, radio, watching videos, listening news, and using internet etc. (depending on the mobile phone capabilities)

  • Access to Internet

  • Mobile phone gives you access to internet, so that you can send / receive emails and get updated with the world happenings.

  • Portability

  • This is the most important factor of mobile phones that these can be carried with us anywhere and all time.

  • General features

  • Other various features like alarm clock, calendar, reminders and alerts also facilitate very much.

    Some of the disadvantages are:

  • Cost

  • For few it has become status symbol and they always run for the latest cell phone in the market. The cost factor becomes issue for those who canít afford it.

  • Harmful for human body

  • It produces radiations that are harmful for human body.

  • Effecting family bonds

  • Many people are seen always busy with their mobile phone. They event donít give time to their families and are badly indulged into it. By using it the urge to meet each other is also vanishing.

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