The 80s cartoons That We Remember Today

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The best part of the weekend growing up was dashing to the TV and seeing what the toons were and where they might take me. 80s toons were trusting and all had a great message to live by. Good always triumphed over evil and I knew I wouldn't hear any language that was indecorous. There are lots of notable toons of the 1980's.

Smurfs : Which Smurf did you identify with? Papa Smurf had his hands full when it came to the escapades of all that was smurfing around in the 80s cartoon that turned everybody blue and desiring to gather all of the statuettes of their favorite characters. Every week there was an argument concerning one of the Smurfs. It was figured out with love while fighting off Gargamel in the act or his annoying pussy-cat.

G. I. Joe : Combat to arms, this all American hero set the waves into action when the plastic action figure came to life in his very own 80s cartoon. Children all over the country played with their dolls each saturday morning while watching GI Joe save the world in one form or another in mortal combat with the enemy. Who knows precisely how many young people joined the military with the concept of this manikin in the back of their minds.

teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : One of the massive hit cartoons of the 80s. Four turtles that ate pizza and lived in the sewer while learning wicked skills from their rat mentor ; this is the basis of this iconic cartoon in the 80s that made its way onto backpacks and lunch pails across the nation. It sparked the need to learn martial arts again and showed that teenagers could fight for justice too, whether or not they were turtles.

Thundercats : pussies as super heroes with a mythology theme. This is the premise of the popular show that felt like you were getting educated while watching it. It was an interesting twist to fighting old age crime and put cats on the map before the legendary Broadway musical. One of the more popular cartoons of the 80s.

Spiderman and His Amazing chums : If you get bit by a spider in high school you then become part of a crime fighting group. With the help of his buddies, Spiderman found a way to fight the bad guy each week in this popular 80s cartoon. He still however had time to mourn over his hopeful girlfriend while taking great pictures for the college paper.

Inspector device : Don't you just wish you had the right tool for everything? This wasn't a problem for Inspector Gadget. Even though they did not always turn out to be handy he had them. It was fun to tune up in every week and see what he would come up with next.

There are many other top 80s toons that are evoked such as Teddy Ruxpin, Strawberry Shortcake and He-Man masters of the Universe. All were iconic and truthful and you didn't have to fret about what your kids were watching. Many of these 80s cartoons are still around at different 2nd hand shops or online for you to view. Some stations even feature 80s cartoons on cable channels for you and your entire family to enjoy.

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