The 5 Business Benefits of ‘Healthy Buildings’

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"Whether people are fully conscious of this or not, they actually derive countenance and sustenance from atmosphere of the thing they live in or live with."
- Frank Lloyd Wright

With the entire planet turning its gaze towards more humane and environment friendly approaches to living, most of us today know what it means to ‘go green'. What we don't know, however, is that ‘green' is just half the story (or maybe less)! Research has proven that the spaces we live and work in are constantly bombarding us with invisible radiations, affecting our minds and bodies significantly. The impact of such ‘forces' can be considerably more serious.The good news is that it is possible to ‘capture, caliberate and correct' such phenomena with the help of specialized techniques. Environics offers us a way to successfully ‘address' the negative energies that surround us, thereby revitalizing and optimizing our lives - both at home and at work.Simple things like repositioning your printer, inserting a partition between cabins, resetting the chair or moving to the next neighborhood can yield telling, and positive, results.Several of our clients - who include architects, builders and CEO's have benefited from an intuitive application of Environics. From impacts such as dramatic rise in workforce morale to enhanced levels of skills, efficiency and focus, the results have been truly revolutionary, transforming them into ‘emotionally and physically healthy zones of happiness and productivity' that ‘energy optimized' and ‘a pleasure to be in'.Corporate houses have benefitted in dramatic rise in work force morale to enhanced levels of efficiency - those that are ‘energy optimized', and influence progress, mental and physical health and in turn improved productivity.

The Top 5 Benefits of Healthy Buildings:

1. Increased machine and infrastructure efficiency.
2. Enhanced Manpower capabilities.
3. Improved physical health and hence more motivated employees.
4. A ‘happier' and more productive workforce).
5. Better Interpersonal Relationships.

Environics is an idea whose time has come. So how geared are YOU for a robust, more productive and enhanced environment?

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