The 3G I-Phone Applications – The hottest commodities in the market!

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Technology, especially the mobile technology is advancing at a breathtaking speed and it seems like new applications are getting developed out of thin air. The present mobile applications Industry is on the go and is getting more and more inventive. The present environment too is much more inventions friendly; so, any new mobile application that gets created is welcomed by the audience with open arms. Amongst all those technological breakthroughs and upheavals the mobile applications that have left a deep imprint on the minds of mobile fanatics are the I-Phone applications. Apple I Phone is the hottest commodity in the mobile phone markets today and this is only because it's capable to run the various 3G applications.

Some of the mouth watering 3G Applications that I find most useful.

I will like to discuss with you some of the mouth watering 3G Applications that are my favorites and are readily available at the Apple App Store. These I-Phone applications are not on the top of the charts in terms of popularity but are, according to me, the most hand ones. One feature of these applications that have really impresses me is that, all of these are free applications and can be bought without spending a dime. That is why I am wanting to discuss these applications with you. My idea is to get you acquainted with them, so that whenever you feel like using them you can do so in no time and without spending anything.

# 1: Remote: This is my hot favorite because it lets me do a lot of things that earlier on would have been impossible to implement. It's a handy piece because it enables me to control the music on my computer from an Iphone or from a iPod touch. You can flip through the various songs and playlists on an iPhone in the same way you do on a computer. Remote works with a Wi-fi network, so you can control playback from anywhere in and around your house.

# 2: Facebook: This is an application that provides me a hell lot of opportunities to be in touch with my friends. Whenever I feel the need I can start chatting with my friends, can check my friend's latest photos, or can look up a phone number. Facebook for iPhone applications lets me so many things.

I-Phone Applications have really made my life easy and enjoyable.

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