The 10 Popular Spa Treatments

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Whether you have decided to pamper yourself during a long day at the spa or you have just a few hours to relax and feel great, you might be a little overwhelmed by the sheer variety of spa treatments that are open to you. Take a moment to consider these top ten treatments and how much good that they can do for you.

1. Swedish massage.

This is a great massage for anyone who just wants to relax and feel energized. It is far gentler than shiatsu massage, but it can still leave you feeling great. You can find these at most spas and with good reason; they really get the job done!

2. Salt glow.

When you want to make your skin shine, consider a salt glow. The therapist will rub sea salt, oil and aromatics into your skin and then it is rinsed off. This can give you a mild exfoliation and it will sooth skin that is feeling dry or dull.

3. Algae body wrap.

This treatment takes a little more time, but at the end of the day, it is worth it. You will be lightly exfoliated, and then you will be wrapped in a mixture of lotions and algae. After a certain amount of time, the wraps will be removed, and you can shower. This can leave your skin feeling soft and glowing and emerging from the wraps feels wonderfully freeing

4. Mud body wrap.

The process is the same as the algae body wrap, but the benefits are often listed a little bit different. Mud wraps are usually recommended for people who have oily skin rather than dry skin.

5.Aromatherapy facial.

Facials that are conducted with an aromatherapy slant are often great for when you are thinking about relaxing. Lavender for relaxation and citrus for energy are just two of the options that are open to you.

6. Manicure/pedicure.

They might be basic, but they are still two of the most sought after spa treatments. People judge you on how well you keep your hands, so get your nails shaped and then color them as extravagantly as you like.

7. Hot stone massage.

This ancient form of massage involves the placement of hot stones on certain points of your body to produce a healthy effect. After this treatment, many people feel energized and happy.

8. Reflexology.

Every day, our feet take a lot of abuse. Feet are also considered very important when it comes to basic health. A reflexologist will massage your feet and relieve any pains that might have developed.

9. Thai massage.

Thai massage is often known as "assisted yoga," this type of massage is conducted through the practitioner leading you through a series of poses while manipulating your body. This can be very energetic and is perfect for someone with a lot of endurance.

10. Steam.

Some time in the steam room can leave you feeling wonderfully pure and refreshed.

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