The 011 On International Calling Cards

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Relatives bound for far away places? Friends are deciding to live overseas? There goes the telephone bill budget. But that does not have to be the case. To ensure those bills do not rise astronomically calling family, friends or even while traveling abroad, buy an international calling card.

Since the amount is prepaid, purchasers will know precisely what is being spent so there will be no possibility of future shocks by a large and unexpected international bill the next month. While the major benefits of procuring prepaid international calling cards are obviously the ability to be able to save on calls, it also assists in plummeting, and even possibly doing away with, those excessive surcharges. Plus, calls are not scrutinized when using a calling card, so it outdoes privacy better than any land line.

If the consumer tends to make brief calls more often, check into one where connection fees are low or even zilch. However, on certain ones like these, the rate per minute might be elevated. If long calls are few and far between perhaps the best direction to go would be to opt for reduced rates by paying any connection fees.

Prepaid international calling cards are not all alike. They do sometimes offer varied features so be sure to choose one that is appropriate and suitable. Although basically similar, they can be distinguished by connection fees, expiration deadlines, and of course, per-minute charges. Also be very sure that the one you choose is an international calling card and not a domestic one. Domestic cards are for only making calls inside the country’s origin. Most often than not on the back of the package is a list of individual countries available for calling.

Once the decision is made of which one is best, be sure to be aware of how it works before using it. To start with, dial the access number that is provided on the card. Most use toll-free numbers that are either 800 or 866. After dialing the access number, enter the PIN code given when originally purchased in order to connect with the carrier service. Then dial the international number. Please be sure to place the call in the following order. Begin with 011, then the country code, followed by the area code and finally, the main telephone number.

No matter which international calling card is selected, always keep in mind that the expiration date really needs to be kept a close watch on because if the balance is not completely depleted, it will definitely be considered a financial waste.

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