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A test or exam is like an assessment meant to measure the knowledge, aptitude, skills or physical fitness of a person appearing for a test in order to go for further studies or get a certain type of job. A test can be oral, written (on paper or computer) and physical and varies in its style and requirement. The test taker has to rely on his or her memory in order to respond to the specific questions in a closed book test. In case of open book test, the test taker is free to use some supplementary tools like reference books, calculators etc while responding to the questions. Tests are again classified into two categories Formal test and Informal test. A formal test is the one which results in grade or test score which helps in promotion to the higher grade after the final examination. An informal test is one which can be a reading test which is administered by the parents of the child.

A Test bank is a manual containing thousands of questions from previous exams of a particular subject or group of subjects, helpful for those appearing for a test.

The test can further divided in Standardized and non standardized test. Non standardized test is flexible in its format and the scope; it is variable in the difficulty levels and significance. Non standardized tests are normally used in determining the proficiency levels of the students and their motivation for study. It can be imparted on the students to get prepared for the coming standardized test. In contrast, the standardized tests are used widely and are fixed in terms, difficulty and the format. They are significant in terms of results, which determine further up gradation of the student. The test developer fixes the dates applicable for all the participants. These types of tests are conducted by educational institutes, government bodies, Banks etc. the examples of these test are SAT and GRE.

Students appearing for standardized test have the facility of availing help from Test bank, typically a book containing model questions derived from various test papers of the same category or subject. The model questions in Test Bank help the students in test preparation and getting an insight of what type of questions are going to be asked in their upcoming test. The test bank offers the easiest way to develop the knowledge base of the test giver and clear the up coming test easily.

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Christopher Ameji has been associated with providing the content on different kinds of solutions manuals for all the US & international textbooks. The author is primarily dedicated to providing the sources that help the students get the answers to their both even & odd problems given in their textbooks.Test bank

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