Terrorism a constant issue?

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For different people, it is a different call. Indians give a quick response on idealism, family values, culture and traditions. One thing more triggers a quick response from them that is Pakistan. Pakistan news has always been critically observed and tracked. India News is always full of claims and blames these two countries throw over each other. India’s External Affairs are of interest for world news forums. After all, it was India and Pakistan from where the concept of religion infused terrorism started. That hit the world very hard in later years. Earlier, one of the Super Powers was supporting Pakistan. Now, Pakistan has made the same super Power suspicious of activities like giving refuge to most wanted fugitive terrorist.

The Story began when……..
India and Pakistan were born out of one single country. It was result of the politics played by East India Company before it released independence orders of these two countries in Aug 1947. The rift drawn then is now getting broader, demanding more and more hatred as the time is passing. Two wars, increased hidden attacks (like one in Kargil), bombing one place or the others, attack on Parliament, Hotel Taj etc. are just few of those incidents. India news just couldn’t stop broadcasting them again and again. Obviously Pakistan News denied any such assistance in such projects. This Cat Mouse chase has filled the news space for quite a long time.

Fear reciprocates hatred!
It seems that World News can’t take much of these two countries, even with interests and issues they come with. Various countries adopted different methods to keep a check on Muslim activists countries including Pakistan. One of them is resisting Asians altogether even Indians due to the fear of Indian Muslims. This bias is acceptable if we remember the Twin Tower and Pentagon attack on 9/11 claiming thousands of lives in America. Still, dealing with resistance is not an option to make situations better. It certainly demands a great plan (diplomatically strong) with all the world leaders on consensus. It is required to make world a more peaceful place because prospects of World War III does not look good.

Imaginations don’t hurt
India News and Pakistan News do not look good together. They even look mirror images of each other as the two countries already are. It is in under the layers of time if this animosity can ever be resolved. But every good-hearted and peace-loving citizen from both places would like to witness that day. The idea is very much appealing even if it is just a wild imagination to many. We can try to make world a peaceful place to live with World news stating- “India and Pakistan are finally in peace”. What an idea Sir ji!

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