Temperature Controlled Shipping From Point Of Origin To Destination

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There are very few companies that are willing to deal with challenging jobs such as handling the perishable goods and their transportation. It requires some investment of money and dedicated efforts to build a network of airplanes, stations and technological units that can handle perishable items during their transport from one part of the world to another. No matter how fast the planes are the perishable items can lose their shape and freshness when transported across borders. It is because the transportation involves many other procedures that increase the amount of time these goods have to stay exposed to deteriorating elements before they are shipped to the final carriers.

It's the job of cargo airlines like Cal Cargo that take care of this serious business. Cal Cargo is a company with complete setup that can handle the shipping of perishable items. From 747-400 airplanes to high-tech units to provide temperature controlled environment for the perishables to remain in their original shape and form. This company provides you a complete solution. What it means is that your perishable goods are in their hands right from the door of your production house. Specially designed trucks and carriers carry these goods from your production to the station where they are put in temperature controlled units until they are loaded in planes with suitable conditions for these items too.

It is one company that takes care of even the smallest thing. For example, all the cargo planes of the company land right in front of the units so unloading from the plane and transport to the warehouses again at the destination takes least amount of time. With the use of modern technology and software the shipping time has been reduced a great deal. There is no way for sea freight companies to beat air freight companies when it comes to timely shipping of perishable items. Customers looking to have their perishable items shipped to the other corner of the world in their prime freshness should definitely choose temperature controlled air shipping. With online features they can keep track of their shipped items any time they want by just logging into their online accounts.

Thanks to the vast experience, Cal Cargo is proud to ship Temperature Controlled Shipping To all popular and important destination. With Cal Cargo you can be sure that your Temperature Controlled Shipping will arrive on the right time.

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