Telltale Signs of Bullying on Your Child

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Bullies always prey on weak kids who canít seem to stand up for themselves. Bullying is common many schools. Your child actually could be a victim of school bullying. You may not be aware of it, but your child may be suffering in silence because of the constant bullying he gets in school. As a parent, itís your role to make sure that your kid hasnít become a victim of bullies. There are telltale signs which would tell you that your kid has been a constant target of bullying in school.

If youíve noticed that your child who was once calm and cheerful is suddenly become withdrawn and constantly angry, chances are that heís a victim of bullying. When this happens, your child could start bullying younger member of your family as his way of retaliating against the school bullies. With younger siblings, your child could feel powerful, as opposed to how he feels in the presence of the bullies in school. Try to talk to your child, create strong bond with him so that he will learn to open himself up about the bullying. On your side, you can think of ways to rectify the school bullying situation.

Another sign that a child is a victim of bullying is soiling and bedwetting of pants. Bear in mind that bedwetting stage usually occur around age 7 of a child. For a kid whoís a victim of bullying, other signs would also develop, like nightmares and fear of school bullies when walking down the street. Be observant if your child suddenly makes excuses to walk the other way just to avoid the bullies.

As a parent, itís our job to keep our children safe at all costs. However, we canít keep our eyes on them all the time. So, the least we can do is pay close attention to their actions to know if something is amiss.

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