Televerus Mobile VOIP Service

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What an exciting time for the telecom industry. There is a new player in the game of cell phone service. Televerus. Televerus is utilizing technology that has been around for years now and combining it with what over 270 million American cell phone users use every single day.
Many Americans enjoy the benefits of low cost VOIP technology with companies like Vonage, Cox, Comcast, and other cable operators. However that type of service is restricted to your land line service.
With Televerus the company is combining the power and call clarity of VOIP with the mobility of the 3G Network. Televerus has introduced software that will allow users to make unlimited calls from their mobile phones. By combining the power of nationwide WiFi hot spots and the ever-expanding 3G networks, users will be able to make unlimited VOIP calls from their mobile devices with plans starting at $69.99. Included in the plan is unlimited text and data service. Also available is an international plan that will include calling to 30 different countries and wholesale cost for any country worldwide.
For a detailed list of the different rate plans, see the TeamVerus website. The product is set to launch Nov. 1st with great anticipation. TeamVerus is currently looking for agents to join their team and roll out the Televerus wireless phone service nationwide.
It is estimated that the VOIP mobile industry will be a $30 billion industry by the year 2013. For more information on the Televerus Service go to

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