TeleSeminar Essentials - Choreography

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There are a lot of dance shows on TV these days. Like TeleSeminas, some are good and some are, well, not so good. One thing they all have in common, none of them are ad lib.

Every move, every twist, every boogie, is choreographed in advance. It is the advance planning that makes it look so easy, and it is the advance planning that makes it all come together as planned.

What you say, and when you say it, during your TeleSeminar, should also be planned. Planned, not scripted and not read like a drone, but carefully orchestrated and presented using an outline.

The difference is night and day with results from a read presentation and a spoken presentation. You can work from notes and speak your thoughts. Ask a freind to be in the room when you do the call and speak to that friend, and those on the phone will think you are talking to them.

If you are going to be making a pitch for a product or special package at the end, or five minutes before the end, plan it in your outline. Make notes of where you can drop hints during the TeleSeminar.

Be careful that your TeleSeminar does not turn into a pitch fest. That's why you plan it in advance, why you choreograph it.

The TeleSeminars that make the most money on the back end are the ones that are hook the listener into staying all the way through. The ones that give quality content, not teases and promises.

Give em "take home" value, and plan in advance what to give and how to give it, and your teleseminar can be a success.

A winning TeleSeminar is more than just picking up the phone.

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