Telephone Extensions and Extension Telephones

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Every house with a telephone line connection requires one line and a telephone connected to a telephone exchange. Additional phones in the house require additional telephone lines and different accounts, which is obviously not practical for a household. However, telephone companies made it possible for a house to have multiple telephones registered under one account. These additional telephones are called extension telephones.

Extension telephones are the alter egos of the main telephone. They allow making or receiving calls in different rooms in the house, making it easy for the caller or receiver to respond immediately. This is possible by the additional lines connected to the main station forming sub roots. Nevertheless, line integration does not allow making several calls at a time using one line.

Telephone line connections can be integrated in such a way that one line can be connected to several stations. Another term in telecommunication that is almost homonymous to extension telephones is telephone extensions. These phones act as extensions for various lines instead of serving one line. They are often connected to a private telephone exchange or a PBX.

This type of system is adopted by most companies because it creates a connection among local and international connections without dialing actual contact information. This is the idea beyond toll numbers connecting calls and conference calls. This is one of the features included in most hosted PBX services, allowing a wider communication scheme for clients.

Since it is expensive for telephones to have different private lines, trunking those through a PBX is better. In this way, calls can be shielded within the premises of the company and not exposed to tapping through universal trunks. And in case of changes of offices, employees can have easier contact numbers. Hosted PBX services also ensure well managed call traffic and proper accounting of communication.

Extensions are an important hosted PBX solution to most of companiesí problems in telecommunications. Working the same function as main telephones, extensions reduce a large scale of expenses. The good thing is, since this is a PBX already hosted by a telephone company; enhancement shall immediately be implemented without physical changes in the system.

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