Teleconferencing: cheaper conferencing option

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Teleconferencing allows you to communicate both internally and externally in your business without having to incur any extra-cost. You do not have to spend heaps of money to communicate with people who are located internationally or in other states. With the help of conferencing over telephone you have to spend the same amount of money for both the clients. Hence, you do not have to invest anything extra to keep contact with clients from foreign locations.

Teleconferencing used to be a mode of communication between two people, with no scope of interaction with others. Now, it has various features, mainly multiple users conferencing facility. Primarily, telephone conference offers broadcast service and question & answer service.

In broadcast service the audience of the conference has no chance of interacting with others or with the presenter of the conference. They can only hear whatever the host has to say. It is beneficial, as there is no wastage of time, as no one can refute or disagree with what is being said by the presenter. Also, one can reach out to many people at the same time, transcending the boundaries and time.

Question and answer service is much more interactive in nature. As the name suggests, the participants can voice their views and simultaneously put across any point or question in relation to the presentation or otherwise. In teleconferencing the participants can not only interact with the presenter but also with the other attendees of the conference.

Telephone conferencing is no longer limited to audio conferencing only. Now, with the help of phone video conferencing, presentations can be made. Data, statistics and even streamed videos can be shown among the participants in the conference. It is easier to retain the concentration and establish one's view-points or objectives more clearly.

However, you need to go through the various online teleconferencing vendors that offer their service. Know the offers and select according to your requirements.

Service required: Would you want limited accessibility (that is, participants joining only by invitation) or automated one? Depending on that you might select operator's help. The operator would assist you in screening the participants who would join the conference. A list of the participants would be handed over to the operator, prior to the conference. Recording facility is also available. It is up to the client to decide who is to record the conference. If there is presentation of data, statistics, graphs, a customer can select phone video conferencing.

Using of VOIP: One of the cheapest way to conduct telephone conference is through the usage of VOIP. Through this, data can be shared online among the attendees of the conference.

Reservation: Many online conferencing service providers hold conference both without reservation and with reservation. If you are a regular conference holder with long duration then it is advisable to go for reservation conference facility. It will not only allow you high quality and clear communication but also cheap rate in comparison to conferences held without reservations.

Affordability: There are many conferencing service providers that offer free teleconferencing facility. However, often it possess limited number of people who can join the conference along with a small duration. Also, the free service provider does not ensure good sound quality. Usually, the connectivity is also not up-to-the-mark. Therefore, once again it is beneficial to select a payable yet cheap telephone conferencing service provider.

Also check the billing options and the various plans available before conducting a teleconference.

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Hope Dever was associated with various online teleconferencing websites. Her insights would prove to be beneficial in selecting a telephone conference service provider.

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