Teeth Whitening Bleach

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People usually see their teeth become yellow over a period of time by food getting trapped in tiny fissures and cracks that occur on the enamel surfaces of the teeth. To the eye the teeth appear dull and yellow and are not as white as they once were. Different foods that we habitually eat and drink contribute to the yellowing of the teeth such as coffee, red wine, tea, colored beverages, soft drinks and so on.

But take heart! There are many options for people to whiten their teeth and have that white and bright smile that they want to present to the public. You can choose to have your teeth whitened by your dentist. You can choose to do it yourself utilizing a broad array of whitening products that are available in stores. The dentist has a few methods that he/she can offer to you that whiten your teeth more rapidly than your home products. The solutions used in bleaching teeth white are more potent in the dentist's office. They are available to the dentist because the dentist is trained professionally to treat your teeth. Usually carbamide peroxide is the bleaching agent of choice used in teeth whitening products. The gel used in dental offices contains quite a bit more concentrated carbamide peroxide than that which you can purchase over the counter. As a result your bleaching procedure will be faster and your results better. Also, dentists use custom trays that are made from models of your teeth so they fit more perfectly and evenly spread the gel over your teeth. Some dentist can also offer laser teeth whitening which is even a faster procedure.

Over the counter or store purchased teeth whitening kits are also available. These kits also whiten your teeth but are not as effective as those methods utilized in your dentist's office. Teeth whitening kits can be gel utilizing trays, these trays are not as precise as custom trays made in your dentist's office, whitening strips or paint on gel using a small brush The gel does not bleach as uniformly because it may be washed away with your saliva and it is not as potent as that used in the dental office. The advantage to using over the counter teeth whitening kits is cost. In-office teeth whitening cost ranges between$300.00 and $1000.00 where as over the counter products are about $50.00.

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