Teeth Whitening

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Teeth whitening has become a big and important business in dentistry. People are very conscious of the appearance of their teeth and more and more the health of their oral cavities as a whole. However, for social and business reasons the general public is very concerned about the whiteness and overall esthetics of their teeth. Many questions are asked of dentists and dental hygienists about the process of teeth whitening and which methods are the best. Most dental professionals try to answer their questions based on their experience in whitening teeth and reviewing the literature available to them from independent dental materials researchers.

There are several methods utilized in the process of whitening teeth. In office whitening may be accomplished by the dentist or hygienist using dental whitening gels applied to the teeth with trays that are held in place on the patient's teeth for a period of time prescribed by the manufacturer. There are different laser whitening machines that whiten the teeth shades whiter in a matter of minutes and there are liquids that are more potent than that which you can purchase at a drugstore or super market. You can, however, decide to do it yourself. You may purchase tooth whitening kits, strips liquids, trays, gel and swabs from your local drugstore or super market. All of the manufacturers will make claims as to which is the best method that will give you the best result. Almost all whitening methods will work to some degree. Beware of the claims made by all of them and do your own research into which have given the best results by finding independent testimonials pertaining to each method or product that you may be interested in using. As in almost everything profitable, there are many scams in this market so check things out before you decide on a method.

If your teeth are yellow, visit your dentist, get a good cleaning and then decide if teeth whitening is for you.

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