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When brushing and other methods of cleaning seemingly betrayed you, you can trust teeth whitener, a substance intended to eliminate unsightly stains and plaque. When the enamel of teeth is eroded because of acidic or unhealthy foods such as sugar, coffee or tea, teeth whiteners are commonly used.

Teeth whitening used to treat bacteria, plaque and tartar. Along the course, these substances affixed to the teeth making them hardly to remove.

Teeth whitener, however, brings advantages and disadvantages to a person's teeth and wellbeing in general.

There are different methods used for teeth whitening and these are bleaching, laser teeth whitening, and the use of strips. A known quite new form of teeth whitening treatment is the use of laser.

It is used basically to abrade plaque and stains off the teeth by applying the force of a small laser beam. However, if the laser is intense, it might hurt your tooth enamel. Adhering to the teeth's surface is the teeth whitener strips; it pulls off as much plaque as possible free.

Another identified method of teeth whitening is the teeth whitener from bleach. It works as a chemical catalyst by loosening the bond that plaque forms over teeth using a chemical reaction.

Drawbacks of Teeth Whitening

A film is sometimes left on the teeth when teeth whitener strips are used due to its adhesiveness. Thus, subsequent to the used of teeth whitener treatment from strips, it is suggested that you brush your teeth rigidly.

Whiter teeth may easily be achieved with bleach but also expect some problems accompanying it. Bleach chemical abrasiveness can grind down enamel.

When this happens, teeth become susceptible to bacteria while some antibodies compel their way in affecting your teeth as a whole.

If applied properly, teeth whitener treatment provides good results, though it's quite expensive. But what is considered the most effective teeth whitener is prevention.

This can be done through avoiding sugary foods, much citric-acid and carbonated drinks, simply because these substances can boost the need for teeth whitener. The unnecessary use of teeth whitener can be averted, however, if you have a regular dental hygiene.

Although, teeth whitener brings benefits such as making your teeth whiter while stains are removed, relying on it is not advised. Depending on the extent of the treatment, teeth whitening can be cheap or expensive.

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