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Every parent would wish that their children grow up to become a good, responsible and respected citizen. Parents aspire that their child develops skills to contribute towards their own well-being and the well-being of their family and the society. The parents play a major in role in mentoring their child and inculcate good life values. Today, however several working parents find it difficult to spend sufficient time with their children and fail to be the support system.
Research suggests that nearly 17.6 million teens worldwide do not receive the proper support system they deserve and consequently they are exposed to a situation where they do not live up to their potentials and end up becoming a bad citizen. Today, to curb the problems of family’s inabilities to guide their child in their teenage, several Teen Mentoring San Francisco programs have come up and they have been a huge hit.
Teen mentoring is a kind of program where the old mentor meets the young student. The main purpose of the mentor is to guide and provide all forms of support to the student so that he/she is able to effectively deal with the challenges of a teenage life. The mentors not only serve as the advisors to the teenagers but also are their role model.

Features of Teen Mentoring Program:
• Need based:
Expert mentors at Teen Coaching Palo Alto programs understand the fact that to be able to guide the teenagers in the right way it is pivotal to understand the needs of the individual teenagers. The mentors chalk out a special plan to work with individual teens based on their needs. For example, the program for a teenager with academic problems would be more focused on conducting tutorial sessions. For a teenager with some addiction problems, the mentor would focus more on providing counseling and instilling a sense of confidence to be able to resist the temptation and get rid of addiction.
• Confidential:
This is one of the striking features of Teen Mentoring San Francisco programs. The mentors at teen mentoring Menlo Park realize that the importance to building a trust based relationship with their student and therefore the mentor assures the student that his/her problems shall be kept highly confidential. Without winning this confidence the mentors would find it difficult to find the root cause of the teenager’s problem and the mentoring program would be a failure.

• Voluntary participation:
Teen coaching for success CA lies in the fact that both the mentors and the students voluntarily participate in the teen mentoring program. Parents should avoid forcing the teenager to attend a mentoring program instead they must focus on help the teenager understand that he/she needs a good coach to be able to do justice to his/her potential and reach great heights. Unless the teenager acknowledges that they need a coaching support from somebody who is elder, wiser and more experienced he/she may not be able to actively participate in the various personality building activities conducted at the mentoring program.
Encouraging your child to enroll in a teen mentoring San Francisco program is a sure way to prevent your child to becoming the victim of teenage challenges and be a good responsible citizen.
Enrolling in a Teen Coaching Palo Alto program is a certain way to avert your child to becoming the prey of adolescent confronts and be a good and a responsible citizen. For more information on our teen mentoring Menlo program, visit us at the provided links.

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