Technology and Movies, Too Much?

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While there is very little doubters indicating technology in movies is a
cancerous plague of sorts. However, with this added and very significant
plug-in, has this technological assistant gone too far?

Asset yes, but as with any good recipe that tastes like heaven, a little goes
a lot farther than a lot! Indeed, movie making in general has adopted this
formula for sometime now, but never as much as recently.

Wildly entertaining from animation, action, to supernatural movies, the normalcy
of having major amounts of technology from born via computers has quite simply,
superseded traditional production formats.

However, what happens when technology is totally taken out of the proverbial
equation as with movies of the past? You get a very plain but heavily reliant
film on personalities that drive the movie along it's merry path.

While, these are extremely realistic flicks, they lack that little punch that
technology can add. Did you notice that 'little' was added in the previous

sentence? Sure you did, because that is many times, all that is needed!

For movies that can be readily expressed with this barebones strategy, the
films of today are injected with simply too much computerized technology that
waters down and sort of insults the viewer altogether.

Hopefully, this article will not be interpreted as one melancholy author who
longs for the olden days of pure movies devoid of technological advances.
While some of this may be true, it is the current state of overabundance that
technology breaches in movies today.

Unfortunately, this trend will probably be masking even more movies in the
future that would otherwise do quite well without it's presence. Nonetheless,
technology and movies is here to stay; but scaling back will help more rather
than hurt in a vast amount of future plots on the production block!

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