Teacher training: Learning For Tomorrow

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With the inevitable proliferation of technology in the classroom, the role of the teacher must evolve. It is no longer sufficient for teachers merely to impart content knowledge. It will be crucial for teachers to encourage critical thinking skills, promote information literacy, and nurture collaborative working practices to prepare children for a new world in which no job is guaranteed for life and where people switch careers several times.

Teachers must begin to reappraise the methods by which they meet children’s' learning needs and match curricula to the requirements of their thought. Traditional methods of imparting knowledge, such as lectures, books and papers, are characterised by a linear progression of information. Human minds are more capable and adaptable than this, using non-linear strategies for problem solving, representation and, storage and retrieval of information.

Technology is a tool of great value, but its effective use entails mastery of a range of specific skills. The challenge of introducing teachers at all levels and in all sectors to the necessary skills is immense, particularly at a time, when technology applications continue to develop almost as fast as they can be learnt. But technical know-how is only part of the story. Effective use of technology cannot be separated from attitudes and approaches to teaching and learning. The "new" teacher needs to take an approach that is open, to seek to inspire, support and facilitate learning, to create an environment conducive to learning. There needs to be a balance between using technology, and traditional methods of teaching and learning.

Only Classteacher Learning Systems provides a structured programme for teacher training and empowerment that address their holistic professional needs. The programme spans 90 hours of training in generic and subject specific areas in 3 stages – Technical, Curriculum and Lesson Planning. Our Teacher Training Programme has already touched over 10,000 teachers and over 100 master trainers.

Effective integration of technology in schools may thus, in the end, require the transformation of school culture itself. Technology will perhaps, in retrospect, be seen as the catalyst which stimulated new ways of thinking about teaching and learning, and finally opened the classroom to change.

• Change in relationship with pupils
• Change in role - to facilitators and managers who support learning
• Change in the content and scope of teaching
• Changing locus of control - from teacher to learner

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