TCA Tattoo Remover and Cheap Tattoo Equipment

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Removing a tattoo is serious business and TCA is a serious tattoo removal product. Most people do not know the difficulty and determination required to rid themselves of deeply deposited tattoo pigment that can be made from plastic, vegetable coloring or mineral salts.

The fact that the ink settles in the skin to a depth approximately equal to the thickness of a nickel and becomes more deeply lodged as years pass makes the removal what it is, a very difficult undertaking. Deep enough to be difficult, yet shallow enough to make it appear close enough to the surface to be removed with relative ease and lack of discomfort. Unfortunately there is no way to remove a tattoo without a bit of determination and discomfort.

But con artists exist, as they always have, and they will say anything to make money. Some tattoo removal products promise that simply by rubbing a cream or gel on the tattoo once or twice a day for several months you can easily fade or remove the ink as long as you pay them $75 to $100 per month for the duration of the treatment. Any such claims are, frankly, BS. If these companies could produce such results they would have medical studies backing up their claims, and believe me you would know about them, but there are no such medical studies because these products do not do anything but enrich the companies promoting these products. They fade skin pigment and nothing else- not tattoo pigment.

Removal creams will not remove the ink because they don't and can't penetrate deep enough AND skin pigment fade products, which is their primary ingredient, are totally ineffective on tattoo pigment. Something that can fade a freckle will have ZERO effect on plastic, vegetable coloring or metal salts…it ain't gonna happen. Let common sense be your guide…if it sounds to good, to easy, then it probably isn't true.

To remove a tattoo requires either a laser, ipl (intense pulsed light), dermabrasion, salabrasion, surgery, Rejuvi or similar tattoo injected material, or a TCA based product. The reason these are the only effective methods is because after the tattoo has been drawn on and injected into the skin the tattoo pigment eventually settles into the dermis or second layer of skin. After approximately 90 days the tattoo becomes encased in fibroblasts, a form of connective tissue that among other things is responsible for the production of collagen fibers which give the skin that smooth and youthful appearance. In other words the tattoo pigment actually combines with the dermis tissue and becomes as much a part of you as your skin itself.

Getting tattooed on the inner wrist is fairly painful because there are little fat and muscle to cushion the needle. Dto the high mobility of this area, these tattoos may also take longer to heal and require touch ups at some point down the road.

Of the removal methods mentioned in the previous paragraph it is my opinion that TCA is the most effective of the affordable removal methods. If you can afford laser, ipl or Rejuvi you should take advantage of those methods. If not, TCA is the way to go for tattoo removal.

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