Taxi Sharing, The Green Alternative

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In crowded towns, people might have a very tough time in finding a cab in the morning or at rush hours or at lunch. So, somebody in Australia thought that it be simpler for people heading in the same destination to go in one taxi.

It is with this notion that has been the inspiration to create a web site in which people from Australia can find partners to share in a “taxi journey”. The taxi sharing trip can be very useful for some people, not to mention the fact that this can save a lot of pollutant gazes from reaching the atmosphere because in stead of driving four individual passengers in the same direction one at a time, a cab can drive those people at once in a single drive.

Let’s say that a taxi accommodates four people without the driver. This saves three different trips of the cab. The share fare also gives the people the possibility to save some money. The journey companions equally divide the amount that has to be paid for the drive, thus saving a lot of money every day. If one used to pay, $30 for his destination, that amount can be covered by the passengers only has to pay $10, if there are 2 other companions and even less if there are 4 companions.

Since the onset of the economic crises in every country, this can be a very cheap way for people to reach their destination at a minimum cost by fare share the cab charge and sharing their journey. To share a cab with somebody else, can be an effective way of making new friends. Such sites even offer a search page so that people with a common destination to find one another easily.
The web site provides people with schedules and destination areas so that travellers can access the share fare cab program and pay less for a trip.

Having to share your cab with other people is not just a way to save money, but a journey to save the planet. Passengers having to take four different cabs, thus causing the car to use extra gas and polluting the atmosphere, whereas if only one trip is used for all for passengers, the amount of harmful gases released into the atmosphere is reduced by 3 times.

With increasing reports of ozone gases, clogged transport systems and freeways that resemble car-parks, why not choose a green alternative? A shared fare from an airport or hotel will not only help your wallet, but will help the planet. Get on board with sharefare, because after all, we all only want our fair share!

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