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Fiscal system is concerned with the management of finances by the state. The government is required to incur expenditure to

undertake its various functions. Therefore, it needs funds to finance its activities. Tax revenue has always occupied a

dominant place in revenue receipts of the government. It accrues to the government through a variety of taxes imposed by it.

Thus it is the duty of every citizen to pay taxes and file returns. The process of preparing tax documents and filing returns

is referred to as TAX PREPARATION.

Every person works hard to earn his livelihood and is always interested in increasing his wealth. Thus he always wants to

keep his finances up-to-date. This is where tax preparation, book keeping comes to rescue. Tax preparation is the process of

preparing the filing of income tax returns. It is a very important document which has to be prepared with utmost care and

attention. Tax laws are very complicated and keep changing frequently and therefore it is not possible for every person to

know them. Thus there are many professionals who do this work. These professionals have to be licensed for example attorney,

chartered accountants, enrolled agents, etc.

Tax preparation and book keeping are very fast, effective and efficient ways to keep proper records of finances. It helps us

to see that the deductions and credits, to which one is entitled, are properly done without any problem. Now with great

development in technology one can get these services through internet as well. There are many sites which provide these


What does tax preparation include?

1 computation of total taxable income, planning to get maximum deductions, exemptions and tax credits,
3.computation of net taxable income after all deductions and exemptions,
4.Preparation and filing of income tax returns for all tax payers,these are the most common steps followed in tax


It is always recommended to work with tax preparers of your state; if you are from Los Angeles, look for services that

provide tax preparation in Los Angeles. They will have more knowledge of state

laws regarding tax.

Tax preparers should always give maximum benefit to their client through deductions and exemptions. Studies prove that tax

payers get maximum benefit when they prepare their tax documents through these professionals. Thus, expert advice in case of

finances and tax is always recommended, even a computer software needs expert assistance to get proper results. Therefore,

tax preparation through professionals would be a smart decision.

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