Tasty Panini Press Recipes

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Panini are by nature very versatile and thus good for you, but making use of panini press recipes makes them even more so. They can help you make your sandwich much better and more presentable than a regular sandwich and increase your versatility by doing so, and can even help you make your sandwiches healthier too.

Firstly, using a press can definitely help people come up with more presentable panini than if they were not to use a press. Most sandwiches are limited by the fact that if you pile on too many fillings, they become really troublesome to eat - moreso if they are to be taken to office or school to serve as quick and easy lunches. Putting certain fillings in sandwiches, such as vegetables, can also be troublesome for this reason. They can be apt to fall apart easily once opened, and this can be all too true even for those sandwiches that aren't all that big. However, a sandwich made using a press can tend to be a little less messy. This is because by its very nature, the press can help you compact each panino when it presses down on it. Also, if you have put in such ingredients as cheese for instance, using a press can help melt the cheese, which would then act as a binder to help it stay intact. So whether you want to put together a thin or a thick panino, a press can really help - especially with the latter sort.

Secondly, using a press can give you a little more room to be inventive with your panini. Unlike some regular sandwich makers, panini presses can accommodate slices of bread of differing lengths - which means of course that you have a little leeway regarding how large you want your panini to be. And you may also be able to choose particular sorts of bread that are somewhat larger than regular bread slices.

Thirdly, selecting panini press recipes can help you eat healthier because, first and foremost, by using a press, you can make and grill a sandwich without adding too much additional fat. You'll just need to place a little oil or a tiny amount of butter in the press or on the bread itself before you place the panino inside it. This is done to prevent the bread from burning and sticking during the process. Some presses are coated with a nonstick coating such as Teflon, which also helps you avoid your panino getting stuck and/or burning.

Sabrina Rocca
Author: Easy Panini Recipes

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