Tanning Lotion - Out With The Sun, In With The Tan!

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Alarmed by reports of the sun's harmful UV rays causing skin cancer, people have taken refuge in artificial self-tanning products. A tanning lotion is a safe alterative to sporting that bronzed look; the result being an industry that is growing by leaps and bounds with products for various conditions, ages, and skin-types.

Why Use A Tanning Lotion?

* The main reason for the popularity of these lotions is that they do away with the need to expose your skin to harmful radiations from the sun.

* What sort of tan are you looking for? Do you want a dark tan to give you that dusky look or are you only interested in having a light tan with a sun-kissed look? That is the great thing about a tanning lotion. They ensure that you are in control of your complexion. With the varied products in the market, you can decide how tanned you wish to look.

* There is, of course, the fact that you can apply a tanning lotion anywhere and at any time. In the comfort and privacy of your home, you can get that bronzed appearance that film stars sport.

* Some of these lotions double up as anti-ageing creams as well. Sun Labs self tanning products offer this feature. So, not only do you get a different shade while experimenting with different looks, you also look years younger!

* It hardly takes any time to apply these lotions and it can last one day or seven, depending on the strength of the lotion.

* Unlike the olden days you need not wait for a sunny day to get a tan. You can choose to get one at any time of winter or summer!

Watch Out For

* Use tanning lotions that are FDA-approved like Sun Labs products to ensure that you do not have to deal with patchy appearances from old stock or those with questionable ingredients.

* Reputed and established companies like Sun Labs spend huge sums on R & D and will produce the best and most accurate results. You will find plentiful variety and specializations of products in such companies.

* All of us react differently to external gels and moisturizers. It would be wise to dab a bit of the lotion on a part of your arm or leg to note the effect. It could also clear any doubts you had regarding allergies or rashes.

* Choose you're tanning lotion carefully - these are specifically marked for different kinds of skin. There are special tans designed for those who are already tanned - and not meant as a first coat.

* Follow precautions as written on the box - cover vital parts like your eyes, hair, and nails. Also, wear old clothes to avoid staining.

Customer is King

It is best to first test a tanning lotion before using it. Look out for companies that offer you samples. Most of them will, as it is a matter of your external appearance and they understand the consequences of a bad tan.

Sun Laboratories is an established company that does extensive research in self-tanners and their effects. They have a wide range of products from tanning lotion and 2-in-1 Maximize gels to accelerators and bronzers.

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