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It is a well known fact that among the movie industries Tamil movies are one of the oldest film industries in India. Tamil movies are being produced at record numbers each year next to Bollywood. As far as Tamil movies are concerned it is at its best, but some movie goers think that in recent times there seems to be a lack of good story lines. In recent times a scarcity of actors with strong name recognition is also a strong fact for this. For example at the mention of the name of MGR there was instant expectation of a high quality movie.

The latest movies that hit the screens get the critic's analysis every weekend. Sometime the pros and cons in a movie is done even days ahead of the film release. The movie buff could expect a high quality emotion packed story and top class acting with the mention of the name Sivaji Ganesan. These high quality acting levels  are maintained by great movie actors like Kamal Haasan and Rajnikant. With time Tamil movies have witnessed  many actors and actresses, who end acting in movies as well as sitcoms and television commercials and this has been watering down their star power because many of them have no lasting power and staying stamina.It has been seen that many actors and actresses have to depend on dubbing process for the dialogues as the actors are not fluent in Tamil. The cause of concern for Tamil movies are that  the ratio of good movies to average to poor movies in recent times are disproportionately low. But this does not mean that Tamil movies  are simply not being made; there are high quality hits even in today's movie world - movies such as Santosh Subramaniam, for example have captured the hearts of the young and the old alike.For more information you need to visit this site tamil movies. or also you can check out the latest Indian movies,Indian videos,Desi videos and Indian Songs from our website Desi Video. You can also know about bollywood movies, telugu movies, tamil movies, hindi movies, marathi movies, kannada movies, bengali movies, malayalam movies, bollywood actress,and gossips regarding movies.

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