Talking About Kids Mobile Phone and Its Development Trend

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Mobile phones are really all pervasive, mobile manufacturers have also incorporated young kids into their consumers groups. Bright colors and cute shape have been dedicated to creating mobile phones for children. Following the introduction of mobile phones for children in the first half-year, ePathChina, China Professional Mobile Phones Wholesaler, also start the business with kids phones.

kids phone

Since the mobile phones stepped down from the "throne" on luxuries to become masses consumer goods with price going down, phones have more and more personalities. In Europe, the using age of mobile phones is becoming increasingly younger.

"In addition to infants, toddlers, almost everyone has owned a mobile. The development of children's mobile phone makes the application of mobile phones earlier age." Sophia said, the representative of China Cellphone Wholesale Company ePathChina. "And the kids phones are suitable for the children at the age of 4 to 10.

According to ePathChina, this children mobile has beautiful cartoon appearance and bright colors. Compared to ordinary phones, children mobile phones have no digital keys but only few keys to receive calls and power on/off. Salesperson of ePathChina said that children mobile phones can only be used to make a call among the pre-set phone numbers, as well the receiving and sending text messages. The position monitoring function makes it possible for parents to know the whereabouts of children. In addition, there are several puzzle games in it.

Sophia expressed that the launch of this kind phone is to meet the needs of parents to know the whereabouts of their children; it is a phone especially for children. However, many people are worried about the affect of cell phones' radiation. ePathChina’s Sophia has made an announcement that their phones are safe to children because it has much lower radiation rate than the ordinary ones.

Phones manufacturers of ePathChina also pointed out that the greatest advantage of this kid phone is to provide the security insurance of children. With children phones, when facing some problems alone, children would not lonely and they can make contact with their families the first time. Once children lost, parents can find them with the position monitoring function, after that, it is also possible for parents to set the phones to stop strangers making telephone calls.

For most parents, there are much more to take into consider when deciding whether to allow children use phones. Arabela in USA was worried about the high fare when children use phones. "I think kids are too young to control the use of phones, maybe kids will use it all day. After all, cell phones are not as simple as a toy." Arabela said. "We believe that these fear is unnecessary", Sophia said. "The phone is special designed for children so we have taken this into consideration. Parents can set the phone to make it only possible to talk with main persons."

Even it has always been disputed, phones have been integrated into the lives of children. "Youth Mobile" Research Organization in the United Kingdom has found that 52% British children at the age of 5~9 have mobile, and 85% at the age of 10~14.

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