Talk between iPad and iPhone: Which is More Popular?

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The fans of iPad and iPhone have increased rapidly since the first generation of Apple electronic gadgets. People in all walks of life are charmed by Apple brand. In some aspects, they share the same advantages. Also they have some special features that others canít compete. If we arrange a talk between iPad and iPhone, you will know them better and clearer. Then you can make your mind to buy one of them which suit you better.

To be honest, iPad and iPhone are the most prevailing products among all Apple electronics. That is the main reason why we pick them as the topic of our talk here. Both of them are the significant trait of Apple Company. For most people, they are willing to get both iPad and iPhone.Well, for different users it is a waste to own both of them.

iPad says:

There is no doubt that I am the most popular one among all the gadgets. Some have already purchased the second generation at the same price of the first generation. Among all the tablet PCs, it is rare to get another one at such a low price recently with the high quality. Though the screen is smaller than laptop, it permits you take me everywhere easily and lightly. I am stronger than Netbook in performance and battery power. In addition, you can get the update Apple apps conveniently by yourself or under the help of the apple storesí customer service stuff.

iPhone says:

The big pro of iPad is the bigger face than me. In the light of portability, I have a small screen face. Comparing with iPad, it seems smaller. But among the similar products, I am the big size cell phone. All said above by iPad are available for me. Moreover, I can make phone calls. This is vital for a businessman. The contact can keep the relationship with customers and clients quickly and smoothly. Music,movies, as well as the video chatting are all accessible. Though the apps charges more power, a battery case for iPhone can handle this problem.

As a consequence, iPhone is a comprehensive gadget that can meet different requirements. Personally speaking, I like iPhone better. To some extent, iPad is just like chicken rib-looks cool but not so practical. It can be a PSP, a Netbook, a video player or else but canít compete with one of them thoroughly. Then why not pick the small size cell phone-iPhone. it is not important to define which is more popular. Pick the one fits you best.

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