Taking Care of Your Teenager’s Teeth

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Many parents in Los Angeles want the best dental help for their teenagers. Some studies show that a teenager’s oral health may be one of the biggest investments a parent can make because of rising dental prices. These studies also suggest that while many parents are concerned with preventive care for their teenager’s health, only a few people actually addresses this concern.

Many parents complain that they rarely see their children once the teenager goes to middle school or high school. Their work schedules also make this scenario more difficult, because many parents have to work late nights. If this is the dilemma you’re family is facing, many dentists suggest that you talk to the teenager sooner than later.

If you can’t have a one-on-one talk with your teenager, then you can always send an email or write a note. Remember, what you fail to do now may prove to be disastrous later. In case you need more help for your teenager’s oral health, read the following advice below.

Teenagers and sports

Most dentists in Los Angeles suggest buying a mouth guard for your teenager. Some sports shops carry specialized mouth guards that can help your teenager. Make sure that your teenager wears it while playing sports or when doing activities like riding a bicycle or skating, because you’ll never know when accidents may happen.

Teenage diet

In this case, most important thing to determine is what foods your teenager should avoid, according to most dentists in Los Angeles. Teenagers thrive on diets containing high sugar content. A diet that includes lots of chocolates and drinking sodas may only end up harming teeth. If possible, avoid buying these items for your house so your teenager will learn to avoids it.

Flossing and braces

Many dentists in Los Angeles suggest that you should get special flosses for your teenager, especially if he or she is wearing braces. There is a wide range of dental flosses available for teenagers with braces, and the floss can bypass a brace’s wire. It’s recommended that you buy the floss with your teenager so he or she can assess which floss he or she wants.

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