Taking a Look at Fellowes Laminators

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As one of America's premier office machine manufacturers, Fellowes makes an incredible lineup of laminators. These devices are high-quality, work quickly, and make it easy to protect, preserve, and enhance all of your important documents and photographs. Here's a short look some of the machines the company has to offer. Check them out....
  1. The Mars ML-125. This is a great choice for home use. It has a 12.5" feed opening so you can laminate a variety of different items including certificates and artwork. The ML125 is ready for use after an 8-minute warm-up time and it's very easy to choose the correct temperature setting. This device uses both 3 and 5 mil pouches. This laminator can be stored easily and it has a handle so you can carry it around.

  2. The Cosmic CL-125. The CL-125 can be used both at home and in the office. It can do hot and cold lamination, so you'll be able to laminate heat-sensitive items. (Some examples include photographs and anything printed with ink-jet ink.) This laminator can accept 3 and 5 mil pouches and if one of them gets jammed, you can use the release lever to free it. The CL-125 has an area built in when you can store the electric cord. This device comes with a starter pack that contains pouches to get you started.

  3. The EXL 45-2. The EXL 45-2 is the smallest of all of Fellowes' laminators. It was designed to laminated items that are up to 4.5" wide such as index cards and I.D. badges with pouches that have a maximum thickness of 5 mil. You can laminate on both hot and cold settings, and the machine will shut down automatically after use so the motor won't overheat. This device will heat up in 5 minutes and laminate your item in just 30 seconds.

  4. The Neptune NL-125. This high-performance laminator that can be used frequently. It has a 12.5" feed opening for those larger documents. It has four rollers so all of your documents will be flawlessly laminated. The NL-125 has four different temperature settings and it's compatible with pouches that are 7 mil thick. This machine warms up in 4 minutes and will finish the job in about 30 seconds. You'll know when the device is ready to go because it will beep at you. This machine also has an automatic shut-off and comes with a starter pack of pouches.

  5. The Voyager VY-125. The VY-125 is one of Fellowes' newest products and it's definitely their best laminator. It's durable enough for daily use, has four rollers for beautiful results, and can accept pouches up to 10 mil thick. One of the best things about this device is that is has AutoLam technology that enables it to detect and set the right settings for your documents. This machine has a feature that traps heat inside so you won't get burned and it will even let you know when it's time to clean the device. Plus, the VY-125 has a clamshell design so you can open it up for maintenance and cleaning. And it comes with laminating pouches, so this is altogether a really terrific product.
From the Mars to the Voyager, Fellowes makes some truly amazing laminators. Take a look at these great products today so you can decide if one of these is right for your laminating needs.

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