Take Your Fundraising To The Next Level With A Revolutionary Virtual Ad Journal From Event Journal,

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Thanks to the advent of online communication, there is an increasing number of methods to generate support for the causes close to your heart. In order for those involved with charities to achieve better exposure for their organization, they require a full-service solution. This solution would ideally consolidate the entire event organizing processes into one dynamic and easy-to-use system. That is why Event Journal was created.

Event Journal offers charity organizations the opportunity to publicize their event online, offer real value to sponsors, and minimize tedious workload for the staff. Integrating an innovative and interactive online e-journal with a multi-faceted and customizable website, this virtual ad journal system revolutionizes the way people think about event fundraising.

Contained with the Event Journal software is every tool that organizers require to ensure that their event is a complete success. In turn, Event Journal's services provide avenues to ease the donation experience. For example, when sponsors wish to purchase advertising space within the client's virtual ad journal, they can simply click through to the user-friendly secure shopping cart. This way, sponsors can submit their advertisement to the e-journal directly. This streamlined system ensures quick display of sponsor ads online. The sponsor gallery provides viewers with access to the advertisements of all participating sponsors. Colorful, decorative borders are created within the gallery to reflect the level of support provided by the organization to the event.

In addition to purchasing advertising space, viewers can use the online registration/shopping cart system to purchase tickets for the event, as well as reserve table seating for groups. Also available in this section of the integrated virtual ad journal are downloadable activity reports, which enable organizers to track purchases and administer fundraising activity.

Event Journal also provides users with an array of marketing tools to drive interest in the event. Utilizing an organization's donor database, the virtual ad journal system allows organizers to send targeted email blasts to inform recipients about the event.

At the event itself, EventJounal.com provides an array of visual materials to provide exposure for the sponsors and advertisers of the organization. Through an elegant virtual journal presentation, EventJournal.com highlights event honorees and provides sponsors with visibility to the attendees at the event. Additionally, EventJournal.com can provide clients with a program book as a take-home piece for those in attendance. This booklet includes the program for the night, messages from important dignitaries and a listing of all contributors to the event. After the event, a popular option is the distribution of a digitally printed, color replica of the journal presentation. This may be used as a keepsake for honorees and major donors.

Once the event has been completed, clients can utilize their e-journal to display the success of the event by hosting videos and pictures. They can also provide viewers with updated information related to fundraising successes of the event.

EventJournal is the leader in online journals for fundraising events. Its proprietary online virtual ad journal system helps non-profit organizations realize the potential of their special events. It utilizes strategic marketing techniques along with state-of-the-art business technology in a solution that is taking the special events fundraising industry by storm. For more information about Event Journal services, please visit EventJournal.

EVENTjournal.com helps an organization to significantly improve and invigorate their approach to event journals by producing a digital e- journal, Virtual ad journal, online dinner journal, or online program book for your next major fundraising event. For more information please visit www.eventjournal.com.

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