Take the inside, outside.

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Unless we live in a warm climate, we aren't used to considering the garden as another room for ourselves and our families to utilise. But living in the UK doesn't mean confining ourselves to stuffy living rooms - with a bit of imagination and a few savvy props, we could easily turn our outside spaces into places that we can use all year round.

A garden or courtyard or patio needs a few essential ingredients in order to turn it into the space we want it to be. Somewhere to sit and eat at is probably top of the list. Given that the climate in the UK receives a fair amount of rain, weatherproofing these items should be done as soon as they are taken outside.

Lighting is the second most important feature of any outside space. It shouldn't only be effective i.e. enable you to see what you are doing and eating, it should also be atmospheric. And wouldn't it be wonderful if the lights were environmentally friendly too?

Using solar fairy lights, or other types of solar lights, as a light source in the garden means ticking all of the above boxes. Solar fairy lights give off enough light to make a space usable, they create a lovely atmosphere and, as with all solar lights, they utilise natural power from the sun, helping reduce your power usage and keep your bills down.

While furniture and lighting, plus some comfortable and attractive accessories will make your outside space work for you in warmer months, in order to enjoy your second living room in autumn and winter you will need to consider heating. Stand up heaters, powered by gas or electricity - the type found in beer gardens at some pubs - will give off a surprising amount of warmth.

Hunt around local shops and garden centres, and don't forget about online shop such as Festive-Lights.com which may offer better deals for lighting solutions.

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