Take Charge Power Saver - Save Money and Energy with New One Button Power Saver Smart Strips

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Three native Davenport entrepreneurs take charge of the environment by announcing the introduction of eco-friendly Smart Power Strips with one-touch time charging technology which eliminates standby power to appliances and electronics.

Leaving electronics, like cell phones, laptops, ipods, cordless drills and digital cameras plugged in, not only needlessly drains energy, but also reduces battery life. By turning off the power after a timed charge, Take Charge Smart Power Strips eliminate the power drain, reduce your electric bill by up to 8-10% and shrink your carbon footprint for many devices.

According to Denny Miller, CEO of Take Charge, "If every household in the state of Iowa used one of these smart power outlets, the potential energy savings would be over $60 million and the carbon footprint would be reduced accordingly." If everyone in the United States used a Take Charge Smart Power Strip, energy savings would translate to a total of over $6 billion dollars annually.

In addition to making an impact on the environment, Mr. Miller and his partners are dedicated to helping the local Davenport economy. They will use a local company, X-Pack, as their main distribution center and hope to create new job opportunities in the Davenport community.

The Take Charge Smart Power Strips are available in two models. The UTC 4W offers three timer controlled outlets in a convenient wall tap unit with one active outlet. The UTC4S has four timer-controlled outlets with one "always on" outlet in a strip form with 2-foot cord. Each product has the 3.O-hour timer and LED indicator lights with one-touch timer start buttons and comes with a plug in Connected Equipment Protection policy. The policy covers properly connected equipment up to $50,000.

Available in the United States by June 2010, the UTC 4W and UTC 4S will retail for an estimated price of $24.95 and $29.95. For more information or more comprehensive information about Take Charge energy saving power solutions, visit http://www.takecharge-us.com or 563-359-4848

Press Contact: Denny Miller 563-359-4848

Take Charge LLC is built on a collaborative management structure with combined experience from Denny Miller, CEO and partners, Mel Foster and Rob Fick. These Iowa business leaders are energy-saving advocates who have Midwest values and the entrepreneurial spirit to lower the carbon footprint across the nation.

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