Take Care Of Your Nails

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Do you feel your nails are usually broken and uncared, portraying a tired look? Won’t it send you a message to keep them soft, smooth, healthy and youthful for years to come? As we turn 30’s, our body starts to produce less oil, so our nails can become dry and break easily. Yellowing also naturally occurs later in life.

This article covers some expert tips to make your hands look expressive and beautiful.

What needs to be done?

• Keep your nails clean

Make it a habit to use a quality nail brush to clean your nails. This not only keeps them great, it can also prevent the spread of germs. Be sure to dry your nails well after washing – water under them can lead to infections, especially with artificial nails.

• Cuticle Care

Nails grow best when cuticles are kept soft and pliable. Include cuticle care treatments in every manicure and pedicure service to promote strong and healthy growth.

• Filing in “one” direction

Remember to file your nails in one direction only - as the friction produced by back and forth movement can make them peel and flake.

• Adopt nutritional habits

Fingernails grow at their best when you are getting a sufficient amount of protein, vitamins and minerals needed to help them grow fast. If there is some question as to whether your diet is adequate, add a multivitamin and consider drinking a protein drink once a day.

• Wear gloves

Your nails are quite delicate and need a polite attitude. Make sure you wear gloves while washing dishes or clothes or using any chemicals as they harm them to a great extent. To be on a healthier side, always dry them properly after using water.

• Condition them

If your nails are in a poor condition use the appropriate nail food every other day, on top of your polish. It will continue to condition your nails. Repeat your manicure every 8 - 10 days.

• Nail care strengtheners

Give problem nails the support they need to grow long and strong. Incorporate nail strengtheners for different nail types into salon for maximum results.

• Quality care at a salon

Go to a professional nail technician for nail extensions and repairs. It is very easy to damage your nails if you are not an expert.
Flaunt your beautiful and strong nails with these easy-to-follow tips. You will be amazed how they will compliment your personal sense of style. We all love putting nail colors on but we also need to pull off a healthy nail care.

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