Take Advantage Of The eReader Boom

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Act fast for the chance to enjoy the benefits of the boom in the eReader market.

The digital revolution has recently proven that it is ready to take on the world of literature, and many writers and publishers are beginning to see the possibilities of books without paper. While there was initially a lot of resistance to the idea that technology could improve on traditional publishing methods, recent developments have seen the number of dissenters shrink, and a huge increase in the amount of people who can see the potential opened up by new methods of sharing words with readers.

Hard- and software solutions from the Kindle, iBooks and a variety of smaller publishing platforms have created a boom in the digital publishing industry, making it a fertile ground for new businesses. If you're looking to take a traditional publishing model and translate it digitally, make sure you're ready to think outside the box and look for ways to take words from the page.

There are a number of reasons for the quick adoption of eReaders by the reading community, but convenience has to be among the most popular. While many book fans don't like the thought of having to give up the tactile experience of paper, many others have realised the benefit of being able to download hundreds of books to one device - meaning they'll always be able to read the book they are looking for, and won't suffer from backache caused by carrying umpteen heavy tomes with them everywhere they go.

On the other hand, many people are excited about the possibilities eReaders open up when it comes to the actual word on the page. It's possible for books to become a more interactive experience for readers with the help of new software. If you have plans to introduce people to a new way of reading, be sure to make sure you are ready to capitalise on the rising enthusiasm for the media.

The monopoly Amazon and Apple have on the eReader market can make it difficult for start-ups to survive, so you may find it's more profitable for you to look at publishing through their platforms, rather than funding one of your own. On the other hand, as the field is still a relatively new one, you may find success with a new style of eReader, especially if you're able to take advantage of the many advances in smartphones.

However, it's important to remember that as this is a booming sector at the moment, competition will be fierce. This means you will need to work hard to differentiate yourself from your competitors and ensure people have visibility of your publishing venture.

As part of a digital revolution, it's only natural that the place you will need your business to shine is online, so make sure you spend plenty of your time and resources on creating a site and profile for yourself that people will find and enjoy easily. Investing in things like a search engine optimisation strategy and a solid and well-designed site can help you get a firm hold in this exciting new market.

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