Take a tour of Columbian Universities in Gossip Girl Season 4 episode 3!!!

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If most of you have planned to get Gossip Girl Season 4 download, then you must have gone through, its last two episodes. The first two episodes were really amazing, which have motivated us to watch, the other special Gossip Girl interludes of season 4. The upcoming episodes are going to be even more exciting, so, don’t miss the fun.

As you all know, the first two episodes of the show took us to the beautiful land of Paris, where a newly-single Serena was enjoying, her summer days, with her new boyfriend. On the other hand, Nate meets a girl named Juliet, who satiated his hidden desires. Perhaps, all these special events are making our mind to watch Gossip Girl Season 4 episode 3 , or on TV.

The episode 3 entitled ‘The Undergraduates’ will take us to one of the reputed Columbian Universities. The opening scene of this episode will present the most win-win situation, where Blair will make an effort to get membership, in the Hamilton House. It is one of the most ultra-exclusive social clubs, which promises to give ultra fame, to its members. In addition to this, Blair wants to join this club, because she thinks that, this is the only way to become, the queen of her college. So catch Gossip Girl Season 4 episode 3, to know more about, this wanna-be Queen be.

Without any doubt, Blair and her Columbian University expedition will give us a chance, to witness incredible exciting moments. The most attention-grabbing element in the entire episode will be her approach, towards her co-mates, who will find difficulty in coping with her. One should see the entire Gossip Girl season 4 to catch her journey, in Columbian University.

In the latter part of this episode, you will witness that Serena will get to know, that Juliet is intentionally interfering in her personal life. Moreover, Serena also thinks, that Nate’s indifference towards her, is due to, Juliet’s inclination towards, Nate. Perhaps, the love triangle will be shattered, in the coming Gossip Girl interludes of season 4. The break up between Nate and Juliet is only way, to make Serena’s life smooth. If you have a desire to know more about, what happens next, then Gossip Girl season 4 episode 3 download, will be an excellent alternative, for you.

At the end of this episode, Rufus will be seen worried, because he wants to solve Dan and Georgina’s issue. At last he will look into the entire matter, personally. If you want to know, what is going to take place, in their near future, then don’t miss to watch Gossip Girl Season 4 episode 3 online, as and when, it appears officially.

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