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24th October 2011

Kindle Reader Reviews Online

Electronic books have increased in recognition over the recent years. With this growing popularity, wireless reading devices such as the kindle reader and other e-Media readers in the market have gained quite a following as well, especially among the enth...

30th June 2011

A Reader Reviews The Kindle 3

Everyone thought that adding color would be the only feature that would make the Kindle 3 stand above the Kindle 2. But here we find that Amazon's thoughts were different: 'Color does not improve the readability of the screen'. 'Books are also written in ...

19th May 2011

Are the Days of Dedicated Devices Numbered?

IPad success has indicated that the future is bleak e-reader Kindle or nook. But is this really true, or is it a misreading of a situation that might have been created by an interest in modern technology that will not be extended to paying high prices fo...

07th March 2011

Amazon kindle 3

Well, after all the rumors, the brand new amazon kindle 3 is finally here. Once again, much was said about the possible changes Amazon would make to their already successful reading device. And one more time, many of them were not correct at all. Fortunat...

02nd March 2011

6 Mesmerizing Reasons to Buy a Tablet Pc

With so many tablet PCs coming up in the market, users have got wide array of choices available to them. Apple iPad has already set a benchmark in the tablet industry. Many new tablets are on its way to give tough competition to iPad. Some of them are: Xo...

01st February 2011

Two Main Things that makes iPad a Winning Device

The year 2010 was a remarkable year for ground-breaking applications and innovative devices. But by far, Apple iPad has been the stand-out performer amongst the lot and it continues to build on the foundation laid earlier. Apple has been very vocal in ter...

17th June 2010

Samsung Galaxy S : Superlative is the only description for this device

The Samsung Galaxy S finally arrived in the UK now in June this year. It was earlier expected to get launched in May, 2010. But one look at this smartphone from Samsung, and you will say it is worth the wait. The first non Bada mobile phone to come out of...

29th April 2010

Product Information On Kindle Portable Reader

In the past, reading was demonstrated by someone who is holding an actual printed book that is usually hardbound. Now, doing it that way is not the only thing that you can do because you can now enjoy the convenience that is brought along by an Electronic...

26th November 2009

The Clique – iPhone App Review

The Clique ($2.99) REVIEW - "Becoming part of the clique is a breeze!" *Review based on Free Book Preview no longer available The Clique Exclusive Preview offers an inside peek into the supposed number one bestselling story about an exclusive p...

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