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18th July 2011

ShoreTel QOS on CISCO Switches?

Quality of Service or QOS remains an interesting and challenging configuration for most engineers deploying VoIP solutions. Generally you are concerned about QOS on both your Local Area network (LAN) and your Wide Area Network (WAN).Though the principle...

21st March 2011

Do you make a VoIP call?

Put Voice over internet protocol isolated for now and lets mark acquirement rough estimator networking, you may bear heard up computers, networks, switches and tuner networks. Computers send with each old via a set of fuzzy wires, fibre eye cables and tun...

12th October 2010

New Wifi Phones : Enjoy Seamless Connectivity

Mobile phones are available in innumerable numbers. Every brand introduce the mobile phones with some or many features boasted in them. They are the best solutions to the multi media problems. They seek to provide the solution to almost every problem that...

04th August 2010

642-591: Guidelines included for Implementing Cisco NAC appliance examination

642-591 can be said as the examination code for Cisco's implementation of NAC appliance examination. This examination is one of the reputed certification examinations that are awarded from the vendor "Cisco". This examination is associated with two certif...

05th November 2009

People should ask 10 questions to Voip Service Provider

As availing VoIP phone system is a business investment, it is imperative that you put some searching questions to the service providers in order to make an informed decision. As VoIp technology is relatively recent, it may at least for now, be less reliab...

15th October 2009

Give a Boost to Your Business with Effective Video Conferencing Facilities

Video conferencing is a kind of telephony itself with an added feature of the user being able to visually participate in the communication process. This feature is mostly used by business enterprises in making sure that they are able to carry out their bu...

10th September 2009

Linksys/D-Link Routers And Your Cisco CCNA Lab

In preparation of our CCNA exam, we want to make sure we cover the various concepts that we could see on our Cisco CCNA exam. So to assist you, below we will discuss Setting Up Linksys/D-Link Routers and your Cisco CCNA Lab. Linksys/D-Link Routers a...

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