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25th May 2011

Personality Grooming Tips

It is not just your face that makes you a woman of substance; it is your communication skills, body language, personal hygiene and home management and of course, how you carry yourself. Apart from this, how you speak, how you sit, what you wear, how you t...

18th January 2011

How Do You Propose a Divorce?

How do you propose a divorce? Introductions, meetings, going out on a date... love is a very common thing. These are the steps to reach your big day - by that I mean wedding day - once you have made a decision that this is the right one for you. You ca...

27th November 2009

How downloadable books can come to your rescue?

Everyone needs help at some stage of life. To find a solution, you approach your parents, friends, or family. But there are times when you can't approach anyone. Then, self help eBooks will come to your rescue. You can find self help eBooks on various to...

15th October 2009

Do We Still Keep Diaries and Journals?

The Value of Keeping a Personal Diary is Simply Priceless; with All Your Thoughts, Secrets, Memories and Emotions thrown in, it can be the Best Ever Confidant! The past generations, if you look at it, were very much keen on keeping diaries and journals...

16th April 2009

Get your Child into Showbiz through Modeling and Acting Classes

I am sure all of us have always dreamt about making it big in life; getting on to a higher pedestal and stepping into the shoes of our role models and icons. However, such dreams have always fallen short due to lack of proper guidance and counselling. Wel...

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