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11th March 2011

Mens Hair Removal Consider Having a Makeover Today!

Mens Hair Removal is undeniably a hit in the market today as more members of the male population have come to the realization that they need to have a makeover .Well, are you one of those men who considers themselves sexy whenever you expose your hairy ch...

12th January 2011

Cell phones dangerous to health?

Recently, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed a resolution requiring mobile phone retailers to post information at the point of sale on how much radiation level is being emitted by the cell phone units. This information is already provided in th...

10th November 2010

Fighting Baldness With Hair Transplant Procedures

People are prone to baldness as they age. This is due to many different things, like stress and malnutrition. But the most common reason for baldness is androgenic alopecia. Androgenic alopecia is more commonly termed as male pattern baldness because it m...

10th November 2010

Hair Transplant Cost FAQ

Men and women all over the world are very much interested in hair transplantation. Why is this so? This is because many people suffer from baldness. Baldness used to be only prevalent in the ageing male population. These days, however, baldness is no long...

26th July 2010

hair grow for men and women with rogaine hair grow treatment

Rogaine facility pro both men and women in the same way. It is not like other mane advance treatments which target the testosterone hormone. This hormone is found in men, which earnings with the intention of these treatments are targeting the male populat...

16th June 2010

Best Way to Use Mens Electric Shavers

Only a few selected men are gifted with the exceptional talent of manual dexterity. For these men, tasks that require hand, finger, and wrist movements are accomplished safely and gracefully. This includes shaving. The rest of the male population, howe...

21st May 2010

Family Genealogy through Deeds

Land records such as property tax lists, deeds and deed indexes go back further in time that any other type of genealogical research record. Deeds can help you discover your heritage. Deeds can often provide evidence of family history relationships, name...

23rd April 2010

Hair Glue - Does it Really Make Your Hair Stand on End?

So what exactly is hair glue? Hair glue is a sculpting product and is not to be confused with extension glue which stylists use to attach extensions to real human hair. It allows the stylist to create works of art when it comes to the latest styles. Many ...

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