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20th June 2011

Estate Taxes Take a Real Bite Out of Your Dollar

The children gain twice as much joy from the receiving. They will be honoured and proud that their parents left a sizable legacy to a worthwhile charity. The only one who gets left out is the Tax Man at Canada Revenue Agency. Somehow most people aren't re...

30th March 2011

Civil Society and Political Accountability in India

The erstwhile President of United States, Bill Clinton once famously remarked that, “Politics is a Contact Sport” and in my view he was quite precise in his definition of modern-day politics. Having closely watched the movers and shakers in the corridors ...

18th March 2011

16 Climate Change Solutions - The Built Environment

Government could be a force for progress in finding Climate Change solutions. The problem simply has to be solved. Time is showing that there is no escape from this reality. Politics aside, the governance mechanisms need to be in the public interest, free...

12th October 2010

Fat Burner - Your Solvent to Gula

Why category out unexclusive modify fat? Hit you ask physically why you reached with the intention of situation your Garment can currently fit two overt absent one . Do not be gobsmacked if I verify you with the intention of The reasons you are hefty is ...

25th November 2009

Views Change With Dish Network

The influence of media on the common people has always been a question of debate. Media experts feel that the masses can be influenced and the public opinion can be shaped with the help of mass media. This is even truer for dish network channels, as some ...

23rd November 2009

Why You Need to File Back Taxes

If you earned $8900 as a single individual or about $17,800 as a married couple in the calendar year, you have to file an income tax return. If you had enough withholding, you may not need to pay the IRS anything. However, if you owe, you need to pay as...

23rd November 2009

Types of IRS Tax Appeals

When the Internal Revenue Service move in on you personally or has targeted your business, the results can destroy you. The IRS has tremendous power to use on you. In their arsenal, the IRS can impose a Federal Tax Lien. Banks will block you from ope...

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