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21st April 2011

Photo Graduation Announcements A Modern Choice

A traditional graduation announcement includes a greeting card, usually embellished with the mascot and colors of your school, a tissue insert, an inner envelope and an outer envelope. Oh, and plenty of stuffiness. Traditional graduation announcements are...

18th December 2009

Deep Pockets of Love - Love Discovered Deep Inside a Pocket - a New Grand-Child

Where is love stored? How can you go one day from knowing everyone you love to the next day of adding another person to that list automatically without thought? These are questions I ask myself when I was presented a new grandchild. I have 3 children...

26th November 2009

Best Holiday Toys For 2009

Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles are always looking for the perfect holiday gift - the one thing that the kids will absolutely go nuts over. After 10 years of selling thousands of toys, my advice is to not swing for the fences, but find a gift t...

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