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04th May 2011

Rise Up: A New Book for Men

Men God created you to lead your family. The mantel of leadership can be a heavy burden to carry. It is also very intimidating. At the same time is a high calling and one of the greatest adventures in life. Do you ever feel like you need to be doing so...

01st November 2010

Hunting For John Dingell Democrat vs Dr. Robert Steele Republican 2010 Elections

STICKS TO HIS WORD!!! Dr. Robert Steele has proven by means of his life and job that he knows how to create jobs, and keep them in our state. Our state citizens are losing their careers, and moving away to other states. That's a major issue in Michigan th...

28th October 2010

Dr. Robert Steele vs John Dingell for State Representative District 15 Michigan - Comments

JOHN DINGELL HAS LOST HIS WAY!!! John Dingell has lost his way and can't come across his way back to his constituents whom he promised to represent. He has carried out quite the opposite - he voted against the will in the individuals around the health car...

23rd June 2010

In Search of the Perfect Marriage Counseling Book

Visiting your local book store or online book retailers will quickly reveal that there are an excessive number of relationship books available. It is difficult for lay readers to make any decision as to which one is the best. In search of that book, there...

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