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26th May 2011

A good deed

I took the bus to work almost every day, except on rare occurrences like if there was lot of snow on the ground and the city transportation stopped functioning, or if I had to go somewhere else that morning that perhaps the subway would get me to faster...

15th March 2011

How Caregives Can Help Their Anxious Child

Does your school age child suffer from anxiety? Here are some practical tips for caregivers and parents. Seek help. When a school age child is experiencing severe anxiety or fright symptoms, an appointment with the pediatrician is in order right away. ...

04th August 2010

When I Grow up I Want to Be like a Child

when we are young ,we always say ;when i grownup, i want a be a Doctor ,i want to be Pilot,i want to be Lowyer,i want to be Police Officer ,but we ends up something else ,why? young child will never say i want to be a Taxi Driver ,market trader ,road swee...

02nd February 2010

Senior Step Stool

The aging U. S. population is very independent and wants to try to do things themselves, if possible. They want to get on & off buses by themselves so they want a step stool that is easy to see, safe & sturdy to stand on that is 6 inches high. They also w...

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