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13th April 2011

Improving Business Communications and Future Planning

Good communications are vital in many fields but no more so than in the world of business. Making sure that a suitable method of communications is in position can make the difference between a company that succeeds or fails, while also ensuring the compan...

23rd June 2010

President Obama and Rep. Stupak proclaim “There will be peace in our time!!”

Listening to the hearings today regarding the Gulf spill, I heard Rep Stupak asking the leaders of the largest oil companies in the United States if they could handle a spill the size of the "worst case scenarios" in their disaster plans. I think Rex Till...

24th March 2010

flexible reporting and analysis

Operational reports from the ERP system show recent events, but they do not satisfy managers' requirements for planned versus actual monitoring, forecasting and exception analysis. Without business intelligence, managers must compile these reports manuall...

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