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23rd August 2011

The Popularity of Sunbeds is Rising

The popularity of sunbeds is rising, fuelled by unpredictable weather, time constraints and an increasing desire to have an even, all-over tan. Sunbeds have had to overcome a bad reputation following years of misuse by avid fans. Today, armed with infor...

01st April 2011

Try Sunless Tanning Instead Of Sunbathing!

Sunless tanning is a safe and practical alternative to sunbathing for those who desire golden-bronze tanned skin all through the year. Now you no longer need to go for a beach holiday and lie under the sun or spend thousands of dollars in an expensive bea...

22nd March 2010

Taking Shots in Holidays

More photographs are taken on holiday than at any other time. Obviously there is an incentive to get good shots of family or friends, not to mention new and interesting buildings and scenes. There are a few points to remember before setting off: take p...

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