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05th October 2011

Pest prevention: Close your door to rats

No one wants to see an uninvited guest barging into their home, but rats are particularly unwelcome visitors. In fact, for many households, an infestation of this type of vermin is their worst nightmare. Therefore, itís worth thinking about how you can...

22nd September 2010

BP's oil well near death, but disaster is not over

The impending death of BP's blown-out oil well will bring one piece of the catastrophe that began five months ago to an anticlimactic end ó after all, the gusher was capped in July. This, though, is an important milestone for the still-weary residents ...

06th January 2010

Hot Tapping

Hot tapping, also known as pressure tapping, is a way of connecting existing pipeline or vessels without needed to empty the connected section of pipe or the vessel. This means that work can then be done on the line without shutting down the entire syste...

27th November 2009

A Most Memorable Gift

By John in Family
For customers to become aware of the product a business is marketing, one can use promotional items like logo key chains, handicrafts, and stationary. A promotional product that is personally customized such as key chains or pens can even make the task o...

25th November 2009

Crows Feet Cream: When To Exfoliate

The best time to use an crows feet cream exfoliant is when it's convenient for you--either morning or evening. First, cleanse your face, then apply the exfoliant. Remove the exfoliant, then continue with your daily ritual--toning and applying moisturize...

29th April 2009

Coal to oil and gas

Hopper Cars: Hopper cars are open-topped cars with high sides and ends. Their bottom has hoppers or chutes that can be opened. The grain, flour, or cement would fall down into storage bins beneath the cars. This makes for quick unloading because the ...

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