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28th June 2011

High Tech DISH Network Receivers – how are these helpful

DISH Network receivers are ultra modern devices that have helped to enhance the satellite experience. If you have any of DISH Network HD receivers or DISH Network DVR receivers, then you will know how these make a difference in enjoying satellite TV progr...

22nd June 2011

Stylish Ipad Cases

Ipad is Apple’s latest technology invention which has combined functions both of a smart phone and laptop. Ipad is a mini entertainment unit that you would love to own and also sport around. You can watch movies, download and listen to music, surf the int...

17th June 2010


- Jigsaw Abacus Wizkid (JAW) is the course for young brains who belong to the age group of 7-14 yrs. - Jigsaw Abacus Wizkid (JAW) - 2.5 year programme consisting 10 stages. - A certificate is issued at the completion of each stage. - One class of 2 hrs...

03rd March 2010

Steering clear of the pesky 'Malandragem' on a trip to Brazil by Dehouche Travel

Perhaps one of the most common misconceptions about Brazil is that Brazilians speak Spanish and a sure fire way to get off on the wrong foot in Brazil is to assume just this and start jabbering away in your best GCSE Espanhol to that seemingly friendly im...

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