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14th January 2013

The Various Shades Of A Valentines Day Rose To Select From

Most people think of lovely red roses on Valentine's Day simply because roses represent their love, interest and beauty to the giver or receiver. While red roses are probably the most popular color of roses shipped on Valentine’s Day, they aren’t the only...

24th September 2010

Engraved Picture Frames - An Emotional Brand Connection

Promotional engraved picture frames make a lot of sense as a promotional gift. Think about the hundreds of beautiful family photographs that you have laying in a drawer somewhere; anyone would take the opportunity to display them if given a free, attracti...

08th January 2010

O2 Media’s Designing Spaces Holiday Spaces Welcomes Kikkoman International Back to the Show!

(Deerfield Beach, FL) Designing Spaces Holiday Spaces has teamed up once again with their friends at Kikkoman to show off some trendy Asian American recipes-- perfect to serve during the holidays. Kikkoman joins O2 Media's Designing Spaces as they air o...

27th November 2009

Kids Dish about the True Meaning of Christmas, Moms’ Roles in The Pulling the Holidays Together an

ARA Decorating, cooking, cleaning and more. When it comes to preparing for a picture perfect holiday season, there is one holiday elf that is busy at work Mom. According to the kidneys Holiday Wish List and Habits survey, 64 percent of kids say that thei...

26th November 2009

Knowledge for buying Christmas presents

Every single person in the world waits for their Christmas presents. The joy and excitement of kids on the occasion of Christmas is immeasurable. They still write their wishes on a piece of paper and put it into the stockings. They are amazed by the idea ...

26th November 2009

Best Holiday Toys For 2009

Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles are always looking for the perfect holiday gift - the one thing that the kids will absolutely go nuts over. After 10 years of selling thousands of toys, my advice is to not swing for the fences, but find a gift t...

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