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18th October 2011

Amusment rides

The CPSC estimates that annually twelve,500 people are taken care of in emergency rooms for amusement park accidents. About 50 percent of all accidents and 75 % of all falls and ejections involve young children below the age of thirteen.While most rides a...

26th March 2010

Sunsmart Baby Hideaway Pool Safety Tips

Seeing your young ones have fun in a kiddie pool can certainly be both satisfying and fun, particularly for the children. Nevertheless, the most crucial thing to consider is keeping the kids safe in the water. Several hundred kids below 5 years of age die...

08th January 2010

Safety In The Kitchen

Our home is the only place where we find pure comfort and definite security. We ensure that everything is safe - doors closed, knobs locked and even do double checking. Others would even install sensors around the house. These sensors are mostly used to d...

02nd December 2009

What Is The Best Home Elevator?

Having a home elevator is very convenient and helpful for someone who lives with a disabled or elderly person. Having this amenity is no longer exclusive to the rich and immobile. The popularity of lower-maintenance, multi-story houses have increased the ...

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